Party & Event Lighting Options

Let us set the mood for your Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, Southlake, or Frisco, TX event

Traditional DJ Dance Floor Lights are placed on either side of the dance floor by speakers. They are on stands, add color and energy to the dance floor area and can be set to a color or change with the music like in a club environment. They add visual stimulation when the dancing gets started and can be used to make a BIG SPLASH for the Grand Entrance or special announcements.

Up lights are placed around the room for a romantic glow in your choice of color. We include 10 in our package. The lights are placed along the perimeter of the room and shine up the wall hitting the ceiling with a pillar of light. Up lights are more formal and elegant for any event.

GOBO or Initial/Name Light is a Hi-Powered Spot with a slide (Gobo) gives you a very elegant way of placing your initials or names on wall or dance floor. A special order Gobo with spot light delivered and set up.

Pin Spots for Cakes and Table Centerpieces are a great way to highlight your beautiful cakes and flower arrangements. Pin Spots also look very cool when they are lit with the rest of the
room darker. This makes them stand out and gives enough ambient light that you don’t need the main ceiling lights on or up so bright. This style of lighting is very elegant and works well with the up lighting around the perimeter of the room. We include either the Dance Floor Lights or Up lights in most of our High-End Packages. Contact us for a customized proposal.