TJ was destined to be a DJ and hadn't realized it until about 8 years ago. She grew up creating mixtapes and sitting by the radio waiting for her new favorite hit to play on the radio. Instead of playing video games or watching TV, she would create "radio DJ shows" on her karaoke machine using songs she'd recorded from the radio and making up DJ names as if she was an on-air radio DJ.
Little did TJ know she would in fact, be an on-air radio DJ many years later while still in high school and a DJ's career was born.

TJ's love for music developed many relationships with local artists, DJ's, and karaoke DJ's. She then realized she absolutely loved DJing weddings and private functions and wanted to do this full-time.
The mentors I have are largely responsible for all the success I have and being able to do what I love full-time. My husband and I welcomed our first son, DJ BabyWOW (his initials are WOW), and I've been able to continue djing full-time!

TJ offers DJ services, uplighting, dance lighting, glow DJ booths, interactive games, dance instruction, online planning help, karaoke, and day of coordination services.
Her specialties include Weddings, Corporate Events, Family Friendly Picnics, and School Functions!