At the young age of 13 Junior started to learn the art of DJing After gaining popularity thru the station, Junior finally broke into the infamous club scene of Tampa in Ybor City.

After about 2 years Junior got an offer to help start a mix squad and take over the late night show for WKQI/Channel 955 in Detroit.

He had 14 mix shows with 3 live club broadcasts every week. His old school show on Friday called the 5 O'clock Bomb became the #1 show in the city. Junior also had his mix shows syndicated in 25 cities across the country.

After spending 2 years in Detroit, Junior got another offer. This time it was to go down south to the legendary KHKS/106.1 Kiss FM in Dallas.

He's also DJed at concerts with the biggest music acts in the business including Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Jon, Pussy Cat Dolls, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Black Eyed Peas and many others.

In 2012 Junior took over as local producer for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, he remained there until 2019.

Junior is now the Producer of The Billy The Kidd Show.

You can hear Junior mix live on air during Klub Kiss, Saturday 12a-2a on 106.1 Kiss FM.

In addition to his extensive radio career, Junior specializes in Family Friendly Functions and Corporate Events with clientele of Metro PCS, Cinemark, Uber, Jenny Craig, Samsung, Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys and Pinnacle Vodka to name a few.