Party Time Texas was featured in an article by Dallas Party Ride which gave advice for people planning events and parties. This article provides you with professional advice from a DJ to help plan an event or wedding. The excerpt contains tips and tricks for couples who are planning their wedding.

Party Time Texas was asked "As a DJ, you are literally the life of the wedding reception. Sometimes, people are hesitant to let loose. What are some tips and tricks to packing the dance floor?"

Below is our answer!

1. First and foremost.... I will ask the Bride & Groom what they want as far as presentation and how they would like to get dancing started. I will often recommend that we do a Wedding Party Dance that gets all attendees involved by inviting them to join Bride & Groom and Wedding Party for a Special Dance to celebrate their marriage with Family & Friends right after dinner. I also go around and talk to tables during cocktails and dinner to introduce myself and see what the crowd is into as far as music and fun. I will ask what songs they are wanting to hear as well as dance too. This way I have a few names and faces I can count on to help get the party started.

2. The Interactive and FUN Dances (like Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, etc.) are always a great way to get people dancing. There are many to choose from and Bride & Groom should be given choice to do them or not. Some people love them and some people cannot stand them. It's better not to force them on a crowd that won't respond or like them. Sometimes a good slow love song will pack the floor with couples and you can get the more upbeat dancing started from that point on.

3. Couples Dance or Anniversary Dance is sometimes a way to get all couples up and dancing right after dinner. You ask all couples to join Bride & Groom on dance floor and then dismiss by length of marriage until you have only longest married couple left. Once you have that determined you ask them via interview to offer their ideas to newlyweds on how to have a long and loving relationship. Can be quite interesting to see how they answer....LOL!