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Each Monday Party Time Texas will feature a new blog. Our blogs are written by Elizabeth Nietert, our Event Sales and Market Coordinator. Embrace her journey with Party Time Texas. She will take you on the event planning ride! The blogs describe the in's and out's of different events. With Elizabeth, not only will you learn how to plan, but you will relate to her struggles and triumphs. Engage by reflection, rejoice in the moments, and refresh your party planner spirit. Come join us as we celebrate the moments that make our company's purpose stand out.

Talk about Quinceaneras

Talk about Quinceaneras

When you think about turning 15 as a young woman in the Latin community, you know your birthday has more value than any birthday beforehand.

This is your coming of age event. No pressure, right? You must find a venue, a DJ, activities for your friends, and of course, the dress.

Similar to a wedding except...less commitment. The boyfriend will do for now but really this party is better than a wedding. In the sense that the celebration is literally all about you! The party may be paid for by the parents but every decision has to get your stamp of approval. Meaning the color choice, the décor, the centerpieces, and your dress are all chosen by the one and only....you!

This past week, I've had the pleasure of talking to many Latin American people. Not because I've only chosen to talk to my Latin friends, but because I've started going to networking centered around bi-lingual or national diversity. The purpose of attending these networking events is to educate myself on the Latin culture. By branching out to this sector I have learned a lot about quinceaneras.

A Quinceanera is meant to be a night full of family and friends. The purpose is to show the closet people around you that you, a young woman, is ready to date! The night of a Quinceanera is to celebrate this coming of age through music and dance.

Many event professionals have told me this week that I need to understand not only the purpose of a Quinceanera but how the family reacts to such a tradition.

Traditions play a major role in our lives. Families react with the joy of knowing their child is becoming an adult. A new chapter of their lives is to embrace this coming of age.

I now, know that a Quinceanera may be all about the child, but the family is who it has the most impact on.

I want to hear more stories about quinceaneras. I want to know what the best moment was and what was the worst moment you've encountered? I need your help, my loyal fans. Please send your stories to Elizabeth@PartyTimeTexas.com.

My goal is to learn from your experiences and recreate amazing moments! Your story could be the story I tell my future clients.

Please educate me. Please allow me the opportunity to help the community by planning the next Quinceanera!

Teach me by telling me your Quinceanera experience.

Falling In Love With Tacos

Falling In Love With Tacos

My love for the restaurant industry is universal. As an event planner one of the perks of my job is working with restaurants within the area. I get to eat my obsession while working within my passion.

Restaurant managers book with Party Time Texas often. What we've realized is that large party's book with their favorite restaurants but don't have entertainment.

A.K.A Enter....Elizabeth!

There have been many occasions where we have booked photo booth(s), audio visual equipment, mentalists, cocktail readers, and much more. The problem with some event spaces, especially in the restaurant world, is that the restaurant can only offer so much. In Dallas, there are several restaurants that have an amazing concept. Most are farm to table, but other's incorporate the chef's "why" or the décor ties into the sales pitch of what makes the restaurant unique.

My job is not to sell clients on a particular restaurant. (Although I will tell you my fabulous amateur opinion of what restaurant is the best in the area!) My job is to supply corporate clients with the ability to make one night memorable and achieve the outcome of what the host envisions. Certain clients only need equipment to deliver their presentation. Simple, enough. Other clients need to be entertained. There are a thousand possibilities to implement non-invasive entertainment to enhance a dinner party.

Many clients are at a loss for who to choose. They don't want their dinner party to go in the opposite direction which results in disaster. For over 40 years, we've understood this hesitation. I am proud that the connection's I've made with event sales directors. Each salesperson details how we can support the client's vision, not how we bother the client's guests.

Party Time Texas delivers the opportunity to enhance a familiar experience. We eat out more often with our companies than we did 20 years ago. Instead of going to the boss's house for dinner, we're "googling" the latest restaurant. On average, American's eat out 4 to 5 times a week! I'm sure you're in a similar routine. Let's look up where to go, we'll check out the service, if all goes well we'll book for the company dinner party.

As the entertainment industry continues to grow we've become essential for turning our average night out with the co-workers into - "Man you have to come, you're going to have a great time!" Party Time Texas makes the mandatory dinner celebration a night where not only will you fall in love with the tacos, but you'll fall in love with the entertainment.

Falling in love with reserved tacos has never been more entertaining!

"In the Know"

There is no content today. (We know you love reading our amazing content, tune in next week!)

April fools……

Cheesy, I know, but I had to show a little spring shower of April Fool’s Day love today!

This week Party Time Texas is walking into a magical land. A land where vendors, guests, and families come together for one day. An opportunity to grow each other’s businesses into beautiful butterflies.

Okay, okay I’ll stop the cheesiness. However, Party Time Texas is going to PARTY FEST on Wednesday! Personally, I am beyond excited. This is my first encounter with quote “the magical land of opportunity”. I have heard countless tales of the amount of fun participants have. Being an animal lover a little birdy told me that there is a petting zoo. Within that petting zoo is a famous monkey! Are you kidding me? A monkey who wants to follow me around and shake my hand? I’m totally there!

Not only are we going to Party Fest, we are sponsoring Texas Live Networking Event too! Texas Live is a new hotel in Arlington. It’s not even built or fully developed yet. So this should be interesting that our networking event will have over a hundred people there. Don’t worry Party Time Texas fans I will not be out in the cold mingling. They have an alternate space for Texas Live’s presentation. Thank the heavens above!

I cannot wait for the endless opportunities this week. I expect to meet over 300 new people. Yes, I said it 300 new comers who have never seen or heard of Party Time Texas. These opportunities are vital. Vital for our future clients to know how we can help make amazing memories for their events. This week is jam packed with new conversations, however it is also jam packed with wine, food, and great music. This week is going to be hard to beat!

An Addition to the Family

An Addition to the Family

Party Time Texas has a history with the great citizens of Texas. We’ve been around for over 40 years. Within that time we have come across many different personalities. Each person we encounter, we cherish the moments that bring a smile to our face. Whether that is working for their event or working alongside that person, we try to unite as a team!

In all the time Party Time Texas has been alive and well, naturally the dynamic of our office staff has gradually changed. We have lost, renewed, and withheld certain relationships while continuing our brand. For the majority of our staff, a 20 year loyalty is not uncommon. The loyalty isn’t the same as a high crime mafia movie, it is a symbol of the way we do things.

Our employees trust that we will perform the job we were hired to do. Each member of our Party Time Texas family knows if something needs to get done, one of our office staff will do everything in our power to get the client what he/she needs.

As we continue into the 21st century we are excited to grow our team. As you have read, I’m sure, in our previous blog we have moved into a larger office space. Our growth has not only changed our daily atmosphere, but also our group dynamic within the office.

Our family has increased by one member. Her name…. if you are a Party Time Texas regular should not surprise you…DJ Kelly Hooper! She is starting a new position in our office this week! DJ Kelly Hooper has been exclusive to Party Time Texas’s brand for 1 year. However, she has worked with us side by side, for several years. Her 10 years of DJ experience has created her own brand recognition within the wedding industry.

DJ Kelly Hooper brings a certain finesse to the entertainment industry. She has an incredible reputation with various brides. Each bride somehow becomes a lifelong friend!

Kelly is joining forces with Party Time Texas because she believes in our brand. In my opinion Kelly is turning from a cousin, into a sister. Our family couldn’t be happier about her journey merging with our own.

In previous blogs I’ve stated our future has never looked brighter. I retract that statement. It’s only our second week in the new office and our future has changed for the greater good with our new addition. DJ Kelly Hooper, our family could not be more thrilled for our continued work relationship!

"Unlock the Future"

Sweat drips from my forehead onto the hard pencil colored cardboard box. My head is pulsing as my boss yells across our office, “Elizabeth, I need your help with this desk.” The two border collies’ are trying to make a break for the door. As if they know we are not coming back.

I start searching for my two little boxes. The boxes that showcase yes I work here, but no I have not won many awards…. (yet). Around the corner my co-worker laughs as she realizes this is the last time she will be in this comfortable cozy work space, after 7 years of driving to the same location.

All I keep thinking is wow… “I’m lucky. Some people wait a lifetime for a story like ours.”

The time has come. No more competition in voice levels as we answer the phone. No more dogs barking when a package is delivered. No more car mania in the driveway. The day has come. Our time. Party Time Texas’s time. A new adventure to an unforeseen future.

Cue the red carpet Oscar music hear folks….Party Time Texas has finally announced:

We're Moving

Not only are we announcing the headliner, we’re yelling it as we lift 20 pound boxes into the U-Haul truck. Our company is growing. Which is amazing, yet terrifying.

Why terrifying? Terrifying in the sense that we no longer have the comfort of only 4 walls. Exciting for obvious reasons, but the least transparent adrenaline we all feel is the new opportunities that awaits us.

Our office space will create a more focus driven environment. It will breed creativity, relationships, amusement, and positivity. We’re all terrified because we know that nervousness in the pit of our stomachs is a result of our hard work. The hard work that is allowing us to develop into better party planners.

Every great party planner is never calm or serene. (Unless they’re facing the client.) They are consistently accounting the unknowns so our client(s) are rest assured. Similar to our events our new opportunity expresses a duplicated composure.

Party Time Texas is confident in our journey. The new office will unlock our progressing future!

Divergent Floral Planning

Divergent Floral Planning

Spring is a wondrous season. Flowers are blooming, loved ones are celebrating St. Patty’s Day while smelling fresh rain over pouring throughout Texas.

This week leading up to our destined daylight savings change, I had the opportunity to work with our floral division. For obvious reasons I will re-name the characters in my blog posting(s). (Making sure their secret spy personas are safe, like their an “original Bond man or woman”.)

Our floral specialist, Mrs. Blossom had worked with me on a special wedding project for one of our clients. Mrs. Blossom had gone above and beyond! She planned for over 2 weeks, making sure each arrangement was pieced together with perfection.

After several conversations with the client, countless hours put into the designs, and multiple possibilities of arrangements shown…..Mrs. Blossom and I received news no wedding planner(s) want to hear.
……”We need to cancel.”……

You see, the client (Mr. Liaison), had a very special job during the floral planning process. Mr. Liaison was not the bride or groom, but a middleman working on their behalf. He, after countless hours going back and forth, dreaded the very words he had to communicate towards Mrs. Blossom and I.

Mrs. Blossom and I have seen this a hundred times. In the wedding industry anything is possible. Couples break up, couples realize the actual expense, or couples simply don’t like the grand wedding planning process. All of these elements are completely understandable. Each bride and groom is different. Mrs. Blossom and I know that each couple marches to the beat of their own drum. (One of the very reason’s wedding planning is never boring and always captures our attention!)

In the final hours…leading up to Mr. Liaison’s family wedding, I received a phone call. Urgent, and ready to make one final detail come to life; Liaison expressed how patient Mrs. Blossom and I had been through the planning process and asked for one last favor. How soon could we put together a last minute floral arrangement within a different color scheme?!

Well….I tell ya…urgency and adrenaline are Mrs. Blossom and my middle names!

Within two days we managed to display amazing florals within Mr. Liaison’s vision. To our comfort the bride and groom were overjoyed with the visual enhancement to the venue.

Divergent floral planning is one of the main reason’s we love our jobs! Never a dull day when it comes to wedding planning. Thank you Mr. Liaison for giving Mrs. Blossom and I the chance to help you navigate in the floral department.

A Mitzvah is For Life

"Every Mitzvah has a game plan. Imagine you have older siblings. Each sibling has already been through the planning process of this coming of age celebration. They've dealt with crying parents, the pressure on what's trending from their friends, and the agony of trying to jumble homework and real life.

Now it's your turn. Questions arise in your mind as you notice your birthday is only two months away. Do I follow my older brother's footsteps? Do I change venues, which theme should I pick, where do I even start? All these questions are also invaded with your parent's opinions! Your parent's want traditional but they also want you to spend your Mitzvah budget.

Oh, the stress that implodes as you are an adolescent!
Fortunately, you are a great student with grades any college would be lucky to have. You go online and you discover Party Time Texas. On Sunday, you realize Party Time Texas was a part of the Party Expo at Temple Emanu El. Thank the heavens above!"

-Stressed Out Pre-Teen

As a party planner, I've discovered that many tweens are searching for guidance on birthday celebrations. Not only are they dealing with the complexities of being in middle school (while in the Jewish community) they are struggling to make their Mitzvah an epic event. Mitzvahs can be stressful when trying to balance school, home life, and the pressures of modern society.

Enter..... Party Time Texas! Last Sunday, we were able to showcase not only the services we offer but the wealth of knowledge and experience from planning Mitzvahs. Tweens were able to visualize our dance floor light show, engage with our DJs, and ask for helpful checklists for planning their memorable childhood experience.

Each Mitzvah is a rite of passage. As a team member of Party Time Texas it gives me great honor that we are able to bring together one of the most cherished memories for a Jewish adolescent. Our team brings the party, so you can take home the money!

Exploring the Art of Strings

Good morning to those with their manic Mondays! I’m not sure about y’all but my coffee has needed a little espresso boost today. Let’s make our coffee as strong as our motivation!

As I started writing today, I thought about the weekend and how my personal life somehow intertwines with my profession.

Over the weekend, I started my very first guitar lesson with my father. My father, the self -proclaimed Grammy winner, wanted guitar lessons for his birthday this past February. What do you get a man who has everything? A beer, a campfire, and apparently you hand him his guitar.

Knowing my father, he loves to do things in pairs when it comes to hobbies. For him, I gave him the gift of my presence along with my non-existent guitar skills. On Saturday, we tried our first class.

My father has been playing the guitar on and off for two years. Needless to say our skill set levels are opposite. The guitar instructor was fabulous. He had stories of many famous artists that he aspired to be or had actually met in person. His hand movement from the top of the neck towards the bottom captured my attention. The way his hand just moved so quickly like it was second nature to know which chords and strings to press in order to create his desired sound really captivated my interest. Scott, the instructor, really impressed me when my father asked him to help him play “Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles”. Scott had never tried to play that song before, even though he had heard it growing up throughout the years. Once Scott found a You Tube video he started playing the song like he had been practicing it all his life!

I don’t know if I’ll ever be as great as Scott but I definitely have a new found appreciation. My fingers hurt and I realized I might not be the rock star I thought I could be after one lesson.

I started thinking shortly after I left our first lesson that our artists at Party Time Texas are amazing. At each event our live bands enculture each song almost like they were playing with the original artist himself. Our bands work long and hard to make each memory as if the guest was at the concert.

I’m a proud party planner. Before my lesson I thought yeah, yeah, guitar playing is hard and you have to practice. That couldn’t be more true, but as soon as I left the lesson I wanted to pick up my phone and text our artists. I wanted to say thank you for making my job so easy. Your endless hours of practice give so many of our clients the happiness I cannot give them.

To our bands, we appreciate the level of #PartyPower you provide endlessly!

My Valentine

Chocolate, wine, and flowers are a few of my favorite things!

Valentine's Day was a perfect way for our company to celebrate the gift of love. Not only did I enjoy a romantic evening with my handsome boo in my personal life, I was able to celebrate with several clients. In brief, my classic valentine's date showcased balloons, two dozen roses, chocolates, and an elegant dinner at Bob's Steakhouse.

Many of you don't know, but I have recently started dating someone new. Being our first holiday celebration together the anticipation grew as the 14th approached. We discussed how low key we wanted our date to be. (You can only go up from the first holiday shared, right?) Well, to my lovely surprise he didn't listen and went all out for our Valentine's experience.

As a party planner I naturally analyzed everything my honey planned for our first Valentine's. From his outfit, to the dinner reservation, to the aperitif's afterwards, my professional critique would rank a 10 out of 10 score! Babe, if you're reading, you outdid yourself!

Throughout my emotional roller coaster of how to celebrate with let's just call him... Mr. Good Hair, I helped prepare each weekend in February with a dance for our clients beloved children. Party Time Texas has booked either a Father & Daughter dance or a Mother & Son dance throughout the entire month of February!

The father and daughter dances were "Pretty in Pink". Resulting in escorted princess dances with the touching tip toe twirl around the dance floor.

However, the mother and son dances were a bit more casual. In order to keep the boys entertained there were several mother and son games. Consisting of foosball, basketball, corn-holes, Jenga, and Monopoly. Thank God the games were a part of the dance. The boys had more energy than an energized bunny! Screaming with joy, jumping like kangaroos, and sprinting from one side of the dance floor to the other, the boys knew that was their night to par-taayyy. The dance was entertaining to say the least. I've realized that little boys love their mommies, but don't want to dance with them. Tee- hee they need a little encouragement. As a result, our DJ bribed the kids with sponge like football, basketball, and baseball- balls. Once the boys heard they got a prize to dance with their mom, they ran to their table and pulled their hands onto the dance floor.

My favorite part of the dance had to be the dance off. I knew this mother and son were excited to dance, but lawddd did they bring the moves. They made sure to show off their practiced dance(s) in front of our DJ (who was judging the dance contest). Once, we crowned them, the explosive reaction melted everyone's hearts.

Each event, personal and professional, this month has made my heart grow twice its size. What a spectacular season to see how much love is truly in the air!

January Issue Part 2

The story continues....

On August 17th, Bill walked towards the hotels front desk where Johnny and the band where scheduled to play.

"Howdy, how can I help Y'all?" - Said the native Texan woman.

"Y'all, it's just me." - Bill

"Oh, honey we say that no matter how many of you are around. What can I do for you?" - Texan

"We're here for the Elvis gig." - Bill

"Oh, right, right. Did you hear what happened?" - Texan

"Did I hear what happened?" - Bill

"Why honey, Elvis died yesterday!" - Texan

Bill went back to his car in shock. Thoughts such as is the gig cancelled, and what are we supposed to do now circled around his mind. Bill was on his way to break the news to Johnny. To their dismay, the news shocked audiences around the world!

Bill and Johnny loaded up for their Cotton Bowl performance a couple weeks later as the dust settled. The show must go on, right? Once the stage was set, mics plugged in, guitar straps attached, both Johnny and Bill grew worry with nerves. What would the audience think of their performance? Would they think it was a cruel joke and get booed off the stage?

Apparently, as Johnny took the Cotton Bowl stage, a surprise wave of excitement flew across each seat. The crowd wasn't upset or perturbed by Johnny the Elvis Impersonator. Instead the crowd roared with pleasure that Elvis was still alive! The audience's reaction went wild for one more piece of Elvis. As a result, Johnny Hera and Bill's band were featured on the front page of The Dallas Morning News the next day.
The rest is history folks... Bill Cody saw an undeniable desire to stay within the entertainment industry. Bill quickly realized that he had an opportunity to give the people what they want! Bill flew back to Wisconsin, packed his whole life, moved to Dallas and got another job as a DJ. Primarily playing for clubs and special events, Bill developed a fantastic line up of Disc Jockeys, which turned into hiring bands, photographers, setting up atmosphere lighting, and more. Party Time Texas exploded with not only the various amounts of services but the quality of how those services were produced."

Not many people can say that an Elvis impersonator started their path to success. Or that Elvis has remained the reason why our Owner/Founder of Party Time Texas loves the great state of Texas.
This story has embarked our mission in the modern era. In the 60s, Party Time Texas would have played rock n' roll, to country, to the top 45 records. In the 80s, Party Time Texas would have mixed the discs, and played the favorite genre of a generation. In the 2000's, Party Time Texas would have described themselves as Custom Events and Amazing Memories for all occasions.
Today, in 2019, our mission is to elevate the entertainment experience and quality of talent with those who work with Party Time Texas. We embrace every opportunity to engage guests, while creating the desired atmosphere of an event. For over 40 years, we strive to enrich the events that bring people together with whom they cherish around them.

Okay...now back to me...you know the person who's captured your attention. I feel that even after joining Party Time Texas for just 4 short months, I have developed a loyalty towards the entertainment industry. For those of you who have not met me yet and shame on you (#follow our social media) I have created a passion for the hospitality industry! Each day I come to work ready to tackle the day with my co-workers. I truly enjoy and appreciate each phone call I get. Why? Not because I enjoy asking endless questions, but similarly to my boss, I get the adrenaline from each event that is well produced. I love the crowd's reaction to the Elvis impersonation. It's truly just that simple.

Party Time Texas has some major goals this year. I want to share them with you. I want you to be a part of it. I want to share my joy and take you on the Party Power journey. Will you join me? If you like this blog, please let me know. If not, I didn't write it. 2019 is the year of blogging my non-blogger friends. 

January Issue Part 1

Welcome all who read this blog! My apologies for the candid way I write. It would be inappropriate not to forewarn you. This blog is primarily being written due to the fact that our paid SEO Company suggested a blog would promote higher ratings. When did high ratings equal blog writer? I am not sure why blog writing relates to increased followers, but here we are.

My name is Elizabeth Nietert, and I work for Party Time Texas. When I’m not writing a blog, my day job consists of booking entertainment services, while monitoring our social media platforms. I have been given an opportunity to produce an engaging, fun-filled, and relatable blog. Again, I apologize if my writing does not appeal to you. (As we all wear many hats in our jobs, right?)

In my experience blogs are brutally honest, and have somewhat decent writers. I enjoy the typical blog that is genuine and heart felt, yet at the same time tells me how it is. I, Elizabeth, will try to triumph in this blog the same way.

Some of you may be familiar with Party Time Texas, some of you may not. Whether you’re familiar or not here is a brief description of how Party Time Texas came to be.

“Party Time Texas’s Owner/Founder Bill Cody started his journey similar to the children around him in Wisconsin. Having a band director for a father and a piano teacher for a mother, Bill Cody (formerly known as Billy V) naturally learned the art of music. Billy marched around the family living room teaching himself how to play the piano, sing, and write music.

As Billy grew older he focused on leadership roles within his high school, and formed garage bands to play at local venues. In his sophomore year, Billy decided as an attempt to break into radio business, he would take a newspaper clipping, record his boisterous voice on cassette tape and send it to the local radio station. To his surprise the manager loved what he heard and offered Billy a full time gig. Billy’s father, quickly interjected saying he could only work part time while focusing on his studies. Billy earned $1.60 an hour for participating in the local radio show part time. (While his girlfriend earned $2 an hour at the neighboring soda fountain.)

Billy V aspired to play music like Paul McCartney in The Beatles. Jokingly, today he states he ended up like John. As Billy grew up and made his way towards Madison, Wisconsin his appearance started to resemble that of a Doobie Brother. The long hair and curved mustache gave him the edge most clubs were sure a rock star would have.

By 1974, Billy V turned into Bill Cody. Another local radio show, now in Oshkosh, wanted Bill to be a part of their morning news show. (You know the job no one wants on the weekends.) Bill gladly took the gig, and accepted the new title Wild Bill Cody, a name given from a good time program director at the station. Bill eventually received enough positive attention from his drive country talk show, that by afternoon….Bill would walk across the hall to record FM 104. Wild Bill had the deep, southern country accent midday but could turn into the slow, contemporary smooth talker at night.

3 years later Bill had left the radio station and toured the Midwest playing gig after gig. One cold, shadowy night Bill came across a man named Johnny Hera. Johnny and Bill exchanged pleasantries at a local hotel in North Dakota. Johnny had started his career as an Elvis Impersonator. Bill (not thinking Elvis was his favorite musical artist) didn’t think much of Johnny and his talents. Johnny was in need of a back band however, and asked Bill if he would like a steady paying job. Bill, not too thrilled to be playing the 50s again, took the job in the pursuit of continuing his rock n’ roll dream.

Bill and Johnny were scheduled to appear for 3 weeks in Dallas, Texas. The gig was to impersonate Elvis as the finest hound dog around. Little did Bill or Johnny know that August 16th, 1977 would have changed their career scope.

To be continued….stay tuned for next week’s post.